"Murphey Hardage consistently demonstrates outstanding efficiency and effectiveness, coupled with the highest professionalism and ethics. They have served our firm well in all types of searches, including national searches for talent and experience in highly specialized areas."
Managing Partner Am-Law Top 100 Firm

“Our recruiter at Murphey Hardage has worked to understand our needs and aggressively identified candidates to meet our profile. As a result, his work has paid off with tangible results where others had not been successful.”
Managing Partner National Law Firm

“My experience with Roger Smith at Murphey Hardage could not have been better. I told him what kind of people I was looking for and he went out brought back exactly those kinds of people. When one person, who first appeared to be an appropriate candidate, did some "odd things" in the interview process, Roger straightforwardedly advised me not to make that person an offer--advice against his self interest but absolutely the right advice. We subsequently found the perfect candidate for two positions. One year later and they are working out great.”
Department Chair Regional Law Firm

"I first experienced Murphey Hardage when Roger Smith contacted me in 2003 about a position with a regional office of a large national law firm. I have had various experiences with recruiting firms during my almost 30 year career in law practice. Most of them have been unpleasant. My experience with Roger Smith and Murphey Hardage was and continues to be extremely positive and professional. The negotiating process for my position took almost six months, so I got to know Roger pretty well during that time. I had ample opportunity to observe Roger's recruiting methods and his credibility. Although the law firm was Roger's client (and he continued to remind me of this) I always believed that he was truly concerned about my ultimate happiness and comfort with the firm. Roger also consistently made me feel like I was his only recruiting assignment. He was never too busy to talk about my issues and I got the feeling that I was always given the best and most straightforward information available to Roger on any issue. When it came time to "cut the deal" Roger never stopped reminding me that I should be direct and up front with the firm about my issues and that I the most important issue to him was my ultimate happiness and success. Roger always called me after every meeting or discussion with the firm to ensure that I was satisfied with the outcome and felt that the firm had dealt fairly with all of my issues. There were several occasions when Roger prodded me to raise issues that I thought might be trivial but Roger thought were important to my ultimate satisfaction with the overall process. The bottom line for me is that I never once believed that Roger's main goal was to complete the placement so he and his firm could get paid. I always had the strong sense that Roger's priorities were to ensure that both the firm and I were pleased with our ultimate arrangement and that synergy between us was strong enough to ensure a mutually satisfying, long-term relationship. After I joined the law firm Roger called frequently to ensure that I was happy and that the firm was living up to its end of the deal. I have to say that this was tremendously positive and rewarding experience. I found Roger to be absolutely honest and forthcoming on every detail, no matter how large or small. Now I understand completely why our firm continues to use Roger and Murphey Hardage as a primary recruiting resource."
Recent Lateral Hire for National Law Firm

“My experience with Murphey Hardage was tremendous. I was able to make a seamless transition to the firm of my choice with full confidence that I was being provided all possible aid in my search and ultimate move. Roger and the others at Murphey Hardage removed much of the inherent anxiety in changing law firms, instilled confidence in me that the process was being handled appropriately and professionally, and helped to make the entire experience enjoyable. I have received many calls from search firms over the course of my career - none comes close to Murphey Hardage in professionalism, integrity, hard work, and good, old fashioned charisma.” 
Recent Lateral Hire for Am-Law Top 100 Firm

"From the very first call the people at Murphey Hardage were very professional. They cared about my career goals and requirements - not just their client's." 
Recent Lateral Hire for National Law Firm

"Roger Smith and his team at Murphey Hardage are not only exceptional legal recruiters but genuinely wonderful people. Not only did they assist me in finding a job that is a perfect match for my talents and ambitions, but they went the extra mile by assisting me in relocating and assisting my husband in his non-legal job search. I cannot express my appreciation enough for all that Roger and Murphey Hardage did for me and my family."
Recent Lateral Hire for National Law Firm