The Process

Why would an employer hire a recruiter?

  • Oftentimes an employer lacks the internal resources to attract the most highly qualified individuals to fill a position 

  • Want ads often attract the unemployed or underemployed 

  • Many times there are issues of confidentiality

  • Market conditions may present a shortage of potential candidates

  • A recruiter may be able to fill the position quicker thus saving the employer, money or generating more money in the long run


How does the process work?
A member of Murphey Hardage search or management team will meet either in person or via telephone with the client to establish search criteria including setting parameters on experience, education, and area of practice.

Special attention will also be given to requirements regarding minimum standards for portable business, billable hours, hourly rate, book to compensation ratios, and potential conflicts. 

Who is our client?
The firm, corporation, or other organization giving us the “job order” and paying the fee is the client. As in all other similar circumstances, the client makes the rules governing the criteria under which the search for suitable candidates is conducted. 

We value and promise to respect our client’s time and wishes.

Conducting the Search
After receiving a “job order”, management and staff members of Murphey Hardage will meet to discuss the “job order” and establish responsibilities, strategies and timelines to find candidates that fit the client’s specified criteria. 

We will then research the pool of potential candidates. Sources include our current data base, trade publications, associations and organizations, and of course, those that hold similar positions for the client’s competitors. Once a potential pool has been established, contact is made with the individuals that might fit the client’s criteria or those that might be able to refer others that do. 

Most initial contact is conducted via the telephone. Potential candidates expressing interest will be asked to send a resume or CV and any additional questionnaires or supporting documents.