In-depth review and presentation of only the highest quality candidates
Each resume received will be evaluated by our team of highly qualified search professionals. We are not a resume writing service, but we often make suggestions which help present a candidate's qualifications in clear and concise format. 

Each candidate’s qualifications and expectations will be evaluated based on parameters previously established with each client. In addition to reviewing resumes, we require at least cursory statistics including compensation, portable business, hourly rates, billable hours and potential conflicts. 

Our understanding of the legal field, our clients, and the positions that we represent allows us to fully assess and present only the best candidates, thus saving you time and frustration.


Assessment and positioning for future and / or potential opportunities
Because of our relationship with clients and our network of potential candidates, we are often privy to opportunities which are not yet available and situations desired by some of the most talented attorneys. Timing is everything, and knowing who and when to call is our job. 


Assist in scheduling of interviews
Time is money, and no one understands that more than we do.   That is why we assist in scheduling interviews, making sure that all the decision-makers are involved and that the process moves at a speed which provides all necessary information without wasting valuable time.


Pre-interview prep
We all know that first impressions are very important, but pre-interview preparation is more than that. An interview is a fact-finding mission for both the employer and the candidate. What concerns does the candidate have? What things are most important to them in order to make a decision? 

We work with client and candidate to be sure each side is well informed regarding the hopes, the objectives, and even the fears of the other, in order to better facilitate a meeting of the minds.


Post interview debrief 
After each interview we will have an in depth discussion with both parties to assess the people, the work and future opportunities. Is this the right move for everyone involved? What questions still need to be answered, and how do we move forward?


Presentation, assessment and negotiation of offer
Is the offer fair and reasonable? How does it compare with other offers? It is important to have very candid conversations regarding expectations of all parties involved, including compensation, prior to the formal presentation of an offer. Our seasoned professionals handle such matters routinely and can offer considerable assistance. 


Transition assistance
Once a candidate has accepted a position, our staff will provide career transition assistance, from scheduling start dates and providing relocation information, to helping write a resignation letter. We will even follow up on a regular basis once they have begun their new position to assure that things are going well and to continue building a lasting relationship. 

Our goal is not to just recruit great candidates but to do our part to make sure they become even happier and more productive in their new position than they were when they first told us "no thanks."